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Sotheby's Auction

Just got my catalog to the Sotheby's auction of art deco binding and
artist books. One word describes it all: STUNNING.

To add to postings by others on the subject, the catalog is $44.00. This
may seem a bit steep, but the photos are fantastic, and the technical
information even better than the "Art Nouveau and Art Deco Bookbindings"
book. One book which struck me was a binding by Paul Bonet (#87) which
features very intricately cut out boards and SPINE. I wonder if Eleanor
Ramsey has seen this book because it reminded me of her "Floating World"
binding, with which she won the Leah Wollenberg competition. For those of
you who went ot the GBW Standards last year, she brought it with her.
Eleanor had one advantage to Paul. She had lasers to cut out her boards,
Paul didn't.


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