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Galleries & Archives Paris

>                     Does anyone have any information
>                     on galleries or archives sympathetic
>                     to the book arts in Paris / France?
>                     Best Wishes  Guy Begbie.

Hello Guy,

I've been interested in book arts activity in France too. Here are a few
addresses. I havn't written them yet, so I'm not sure if they can help you, but
you could give it a whirl. Sn Evrard teaches binding at the school listed and
the other two are gallery/bookstores I think.

Claude Blaizot
Librairie Blaizot
164 rue du Fg. St. Honor
75006 Paris

Sn Evrard
Atelier d'Arts Appliqus du Vesinet
29 bis. Chemin du Tour des Bois
78400 Chatou

Jill Oriane Tariau
86 rue N-D des Champs
75006 Paris

Good luck,

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