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Re: References for describing bindings

>DATE:   Mon, 3 Jul 1995 11:27:06 EST
>FROM:   Keith Hulett <KHULETT@libris.libs.uga.edu>
>Could anyone on this list please recommend a reference work to help 
>me in doing descriptive local cataloging of private press books?

The standard source for terms to use to describe bindings is _Binding
Terms: A Thesaurus for Use in Rare Book and Special Collections
Cataloguing_ (Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries,
1988).  A problem with this source, however, is that it lists terms
only.  For definitions of the terms and illustrations of the bindings
described, one must turn to other books like the dozen or so references
given in _Binding Terms_, not to mention innumerable exhibition and sale
catalogues.  A further problem with _Binding Terms_ is that, as a
retrospective work, it lists terms for describing settled styles and
techniques of bookbinding, while the type of bindings with which you
seem to be concerned perhaps are innovative, for which standard
descriptive terms have not been agreed upon.

Please share with the list any useful suggestions you receive.

        Donald Farren                          voice 301.951.9479
        email p00244@psilink.com               fax 301.951.9479
                  4009 Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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