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Re: waxing board shear blades

Good point Scott. I've been using Johnsons paste wax for years not only 
on my Jacques board shears but also the metal beds of my table saw and 
jointer. The one drawback is that, like your mothers oak floor, the wax 
has to not only be periodically reapplied but also periodically stripped. 
There is also the problem of not buffing the wax out properly after 
application which can later wreck havoc not only with a wood finish, but 
quite possibly also cause the staining of paper (although I have not yet 
run into this problem).

On Mon, 3 Jul 1995, Scott K. Kellar wrote:

> Why not use WAX to wax blades instead of silicone and Pledge? Renaissance
> Wax is a purified micro-crystalline wax that is respected by conservators
> internationally. It also cleans, protects against oxidation, and lubricates
> the board shear blades and table beautifully.
> Scott Kellar 

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