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Book Arts on the Web

Having recently changed providers here in central Ontario, as some of you
know, I now have access to the visual part of the net and I've gone crazy
(bear with me here). Quickly realizing that, while I'm having fun, I'm also
wasting my time, I went looking for all the book-arts-related web sites I
could find. Not many: here's a list:
     Richard Minsky
     The Center for Book Arts
     Women's Studio Workshop
     Serif magazine

I've also found digital type foundries, pictures from the Book of Kells,
references to marbelizing (sic) paper, graphics archives, a dictionary of
descriptive bibliography, a method of archivally-photocopying and -binding
pulp paperbacks, conservation resources, libraries, etc. There is one
letterpress hobby printer connected with a drama group at a college in New
York (? Rilsey) and a defunct pointer to a Friends of the Printing Museum
in NYC. But no calligraphers or papermakers. No leatherworkers or
parchmenters or gold beaters or tool makers. Maybe they're not out there.
Maybe I just haven't found them.

Can anybody help? Do you know of any other book artists or binders or
printers on the WWW. Please reply to me directly and if I get any responses
I'll compile a directory for posting to the list or mail it back to those

Also, I haven't read much from the Book_Arts-L people lately and wonder if
we are mostly academics, away until September, or is everyone just away?


Richard Miller
Abraxas/Peppermint Press
Editor, CBBAG Newsletter
(705) 944-8977

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