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re:Book Arts on the Web

Hi Folks,
Richard Miller asks about leatherworkers (tanners?) and
parchmenters on the Web/Net.

I thought quickly mention that I make and sell 
parchment/vellum for bookbinding, manuscript work, musical
instruments, etc.  While I work mostly with kid, goat and calf,
I can also make deerskin parchment, as well as tawed skins
by special order.  The work is done by hand using largely
medieval techniques. 

As to toolmaking, I do a bit of that as well (mostly my own),
and I know a number of smiths willing to do commision work.

Please feel free to contact me for more info.


Rick Cavasin             phone: 613-591-8612
68 Lightfoot Place       email: cav@bnr.ca
Kanata, Ontario

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