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RE: Book Arts on the Web

> I've also found digital type foundries, pictures from the Book of Kells,
> references to marbelizing (sic) paper, graphics archives, a dictionary of
> descriptive bibliography, a method of archivally-photocopying and -binding
> pulp paperbacks, conservation resources, libraries, etc. There is one
> letterpress hobby printer connected with a drama group at a college in New
> York (? Rilsey) and a defunct pointer to a Friends of the Printing Museum
> in NYC.

    I haven't seen any response on the list; your pardon if a dozen people
wrote to you privately.  The "hobby printer" you refer to is in Risley
Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts, a special interest
dorm at Cornell University.  I don't know a great deal about it, but
could probably put you in touch with someone who was very involved with
in while he lived there (he has since graduated) if you are interested.

Sandra Kisner

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