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RE: Book Arts on the Web

>I'm constructing a Web page for my department.  The page is not up yet,
>but I would be very happy to provide links to any book-arts sites that
>anyone can suggest, including guild chapters, book artists, supply &
>equipment vendors and useful booksellers. (I'm also providing snail-mail
>addresses for organizations not yet on the Web.) Send me any URLs you know
>of, and I will include them.  I don't have access to commercial providers
>(AOL, Compuserve), but will provide references if users give them to me. 

Could you perhaps include a link to the Internet Secondhand Bookshop (URL
below)? We aim to be a showcase for British booksellers on the Web, with a
variety of catalogues. We will be happy to link to you when your Web page is



Stiltjack Books Limited
P.O. Box 3791
London NW5 3HW
Tel/Fax: 0171 284 4432
E-mail: stiltjack@cityscape.co.uk
Book dealers specialising in 20th Century first editions.
Internet Secondhand Bookshop: http://www.cityscape.co.uk/users/ds36/index.html

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