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Queries and more queries

Greetings to all fellow members!

I am doing research on one Joseph Cherkassky  (or Tscherkassky in the German
spelling)  was who head of the oriental section of Berthold AG (Typefounders) in
Berlin during the 1920s. He was born in the Ukraine and was manager of a
typefoundery in Kiev  up to about WWI. During his period at Berthold in Berlin
he produced two major catalogues (one on Hebrew and the other on Arabic founts)
and various other specimen sheets. Does anyone have any information on him? Also
I am looking for informationon  one of the directors of Berthold at this period
- Dr Oskar Jolles. Jolles was a bibliophile and evidentally quite influential.
He was a member of several bibliophilic societies of the period. Once again,
biographical data, lists of publications or even ideas of where to look for
further information would be appreciated. With Thanks! Stephen Lubell/Ramat
Gan/Israel. PS. If anyone has copies of publications I will cover costs for
photocopying etc.

I am also interested in research on legibility and readability. Especially with
regard to non-Latin languages. The situation these days seems quite dire and
nobody seems to care what they do or how they do it. Part of the problem re the
poor H&J programs on many applications and  the lack of trained editors who look
for these things. In Hebrew setting, for instance, most publishers avoid
hyphenated setting because it cost so much to re-edit and correct the poor
results. But there are programs available for hyphenation in my languages, so
the only excuse is lack of money or interest. 

PS. I hope to publish an article on this theme "in the near future"!

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