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POLL - Oak Knoll Books wants your input on developing a web site...

Dear Readers,

We have been considering over the past several months, what booklovers on the 
net think of current websites that are available. 

Oak Knoll Books would like to construct a web site that would become a rich 
source for individuals, professionals and businesses who are interested or 
involved with books about books, the book arts and the book trade. However, in 
the process of designing such a website, we want to know how book people use 
the net and what kind of resources they have to take advantage of this 
information medium.

For example, we must consider how fast a connection we need and can afford. 
The kind of connection we use will depend upon how much traffic we can expect 
from you, the user.  We want to set up the best connection we can so you the 
USER has the best chance of reaching our site.

At your request, we can email you a copy of a basic proposal for our web site. 
There also many other options as well, so we would like to hear what you would 
think would be useful and valuable to have at the site. We would like this 
site to a place for many return visits, so your input is immeasurable. These 
pages will not only be for Oak Knoll Books customers but for anyone who is 
interested in books, the book trade and the book arts. 

Please let us know what kind of access you have to the Web, how fast your 
connection is  and what kind of software you use to browse the Web. Please 
also let us know if you use any tools such as Gopher and FTP. 

I look forward to hearing your responses.

Esther C. Fan
Oak Knoll Books/Oak Knoll Press
414 Delaware Street
New Castle DE 19720
Phone: 302-328-7232
Fax: 302-328-7274
Email: oakknoll@ssnet.com

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