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Re: Burning Book Arts

Thank you for opening up the floor for those of us who primarily lurk to
introduce ourselves.

I could most easily classify my interest in the book arts as "student." I
study books, I admire them, I collect them as far as my credit rating allows,
and for the time being, I sell them ... for some time I was able to work with
Robert Scott Brooks, an astonishing collector, connoiseur, and artist, who in
his own way introduced me to the limitless possibilities of the medium. (By
the way, it would be nice to hear from anyone who knew Robert -- his absence
is still felt every day.) 

I also write. I also do photography. I get them into the same space in as
conscious a manner as I find possible ... and I have just started working
with lithography ... and I am on my way to pursue graduate work at a
university with amazing book arts resources. The possibilities are
frighteningly vast at this moment. 

I signed on to this list in order to eavesdrop on what book artists talk
about. It's the next best thing to an immediate community. Or, so the theory

And so, back to my cyber-cubbyhole.

-- Christine Lorenz // cmlorenz@aol.com 

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