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Re: Book Burning/Book Arts

>arts? Are you "book artists" or "bookmakers?" Are you publishers, literary 
>or otherwise, who employ hands-on or other bookmaking techniques? Are you 
>practitioners of traditional art forms? Are you practitioners of 
>non-traditional art forms? Is your book work part of a larger artistic 
>work which goes beyond the book? Is it part of a larger sense of 
>commitment/activism which goes beyond the arts altogether (I'm not certain 
>there IS anything "beyond the arts," but perhaps many of you do, so I 
>thought I'd throw this one in)? Is your work more narrowly defined as book 
>conservation or bookbinding or papermaking or printing or something else? 

Speaking only for myself, I am a bookmaker, because I love typography and
printing. But making books in a vacuum is pointless and unsatisfying. It
only makes sense as part of a link between an author and readers. So I
publish books, generally using previously unpublished texts. I attempt what
could be called fine printing, but without any attempt to limit the editions
artificially; I print a little more than I think will be sold, or as many as
I can reasonably do with my equipment, whichever is smaller. I publish the
books to complete the link with readers, and to recoup expenses.

Dwight Agner
The Press of the Nightowl
Dwight Agner / The Press of the Nightowl              dagner@ mindspring.com
Athens, Georgia

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