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Re: Burning Book Arts

Hi all!

This is a nice opportunity for all of us to introduce ourselves.

Let's see, I came to the list by way of papermaking, which has of course
led me into the joys of book binding, and book/paper arts in general. I also
am a photographer/videographer by trade. But I am also making jewelry and
stuff usin Fimo Clay. I'm also doing, like others on this list, my share of
mask making, as well as building drums, and other experimental musical
All this of course has NOTHING to do with how I earn a living...I'm emp-
loyed as an Audiovisual/media specialist at The Wayne State University
School of Medicine, in the lovely city of Detroit, Michigan......It pays
the bills(barely) and allows me this nifty Internet access...

So Judith in Saginaw, are you getting the same heatwave that we are having
down here??
Michael F. Copado  (Mcopado@cms.cc.wayne.edu)

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