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  • New Subscription, PEEKOFER
  • List, carol pintek
  • New one week course on bookbinding announced for August, RLLG
  • Greetings, by way of (Peter D. Verheyen
  • Job Backer Wanted, Noel Carmack
  • Subscription, James E. Lorson
  • Subscribe, Estelle Chessid
  • Re: Burning Book Arts, CMLorenz
  • New in the Internet Secondhand Bookshop, Martin Cooper
  • Digest vs Free-For-All, Peter D. Verheyen
  • Re: Postpone Mail, Gillian Boal
  • POLL - Oak Knoll Books wants your input on developing a web site..., oakknoll
  • Book Burning/Book Arts, Charles Alexander
  • Book Burning, Richard Minsky
  • I wanna burn some books baby!, clercx
  • don't be sorry to clog the list, but..., Inge Bruggeman
  • New bibliography available on Will H. Bradley, designer, oakknoll
  • Re: BOOK_ARTS-L digest 299, Jeavons Baillie
  • sorry to clog the list, but..., Scott Coombs
  • Invitation, RENTRUSK
  • !!! IMPORTANT: We're moving !!!, Peter D. Verheyen
  • Queries and more queries, stephen lubell
  • No Subject, AFRICA
  • Silverfish, and ribbons, Michael Oltz
  • a rich chain, Charles Alexander
  • Conservation Assistant position, Priscilla.Thomas
  • Web links, Martin Cooper
  • What's New in the Internet Secondhand Bookshop, Martin Cooper
  • Conservation Tech. Position, Deborah Howe
  • Hertzog award for excellence in bookdesign, Claudia Rivers
  • private press survey, Scott Coombs
  • Beauty & the Beast, Richard Minsky
  • HELP, Mark Flaming
  • Re: blade waxing, part trois, Scott K. Kellar
  • lost, Charles Alexander
  • Virginia Woolf's On Being Ill, Martin Cooper
  • Pop-ups available at, Boillr
  • Re: blade waxing, part deux, Scott K. Kellar
  • Book Arts on the Web, Richard Miller
  • Re: Pop-up book list, Shaun Padgett
  • Re: References for describing bindings> Message-ID:, Normandy Helmer
  • Re: waxing board shear blades, Scott K. Kellar
  • Re: References for describing bindings, Donald Farren

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