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Re: tight back spine removal

I just used the heat set tissue technique that scott mentioned on an early
19th c cloth spine- using denatured (ethyl) alcohol to adhere AND remove the
heat set tissue- it worked beautifully!  I haven't used it on leather- so i
don't know if it would lift up again as easily and cleanly with alcohol.  I
would be hesitant to use acetone  without proper protection- fume hoods,
respirator etc.-  which most of us don't have.  
  The tissue we used was from Bookmaker's.
  I had previously tried to do this with a very fragmented spine , using
paste cut with alcohol- and it darkened the leather- and made a mess- the
spine was very hard and brittle afterwards, which made it difficult to
readhere.  Good Luck!  Jake Benson

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