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Papermaking: Hollanders

	Can anyone suggest a reputable manufacturer of pulping machines for 
 papermaking.  We're looking into machines with fairly sizable capacities, 
possibly as much as 5 pounds.  (To the uninitiated, this is *quite* large: 
our present Hollander has a one-pound capacity, but holds 7 gallons of 
	We are conscious of a company called Voith in Wisconsin, but would 
very much like to know of any alternative companies.
	Thanks very much in advance.  I look forward to hearing from the 
subscribers.  Until then, they will find me,

	Their most humble and obedient servant,

Brett Charbeneau, Journeyman Printer        P.O. Box 1776-MHW
Williamsburg Imprints Program               Williamsburg, VA 23187
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation            Tel: (804) 229-1000
INTERNET: BRETT@CWF.ORG                     FAX: (804) 221-8948

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