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Re: Papermaking: Hollanders

Brett: In response to your query for sources for larger capacity Hollander
Beaters, I just received a copy of a book "A Hand Papermaker's Sourcebook",
by Sophie Dawson and Silvie Turner. It lists sources worldwide for nearly
everything a professional papermaker could possibly want. In the chapter on
Hollander Beathers, specifically U.S. sources, and specifically those that
list 3 pound or larger are the following:

1) David Reina Designs, Inc., 79 Guernsey St., Brooklyn, NY 11222 Tel: (718)
599-1237; fax (718) 599-7857. They list 2 stainless steel/stainless
steel-aluminum models that will beat 2lb of dry pul, and a third model that
takes 7lb. dry.

2) Lee S(cott) McDonald, Inc., P. O. Box 264, Charlestown, MA 02129. Tel
(617) 242-2505; fax (617) 242-8825, lists a 4lb Hollander Beater, "design
based on the New Hydra Hollander Beater).

There were other sources listed outside the country.....

Hope this helps. Karen C.

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