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Repair of children's books

I work in a large academic library at a state sponsored university, student 
population runs 20th to 30thousand.  This library has a modest collection 
of children's books as part of the education curriculum.  It is also used 
extensively by the children of student, staff, and faculty.  I am called 
upon to repair these books when the need arises.  Some repairs are fairly 
minor but as the collection ages and we replace fewer items each year, more 
repair is needed.

Do you know of sources (books, articles, etc.) that deal with repairs to 
the unique format of the small child's book?  These are usually picture 
books.  Seems they are loved to death by so many readings and rough 
handling by small children.

A lot are only one signature or at most 2-3.  The spine is a thick piece of 
narrow cardboard.  I also noticed that the pastedown/fly leaves are usually 
very important to the book and its overall look and/or story.  I hate to 
loose this part by covering up very much but we don't have a lot of time to 
soak off the end papers.

I am hoping that there exists a manual of repairs for these books.  I just 
can't seem to find one.  Thanks so much for any tips, citations, and 
ideas.  You may contact me directly at my email address below.

Claudia Stall
Head, Collection Preservation Unit/Mendery
San Diego State University Library
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA  92182-8050

Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently.

(619) 594-2591

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