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Re: Repair of children's books

Begin forwarded message:  Nancy Schrock knows a lot about repairing  
children's books--primarily from a public library setting, I believe.   
I also believe that she has been working on a small manual on this  
topic, although whether it is ready for publication is another  
matter.  I don't know whether Nancy subscribes to this list, but her  
email address is, as of June: rrs@MIT.EDU (Nancy Schrock).  Drop her  
an eline.  If this address doesn't work, I can provide another one.

Robert J. Milevski
Preservation Librarian
Princeton University Libraries
One Washington Road
Princeton, New Jersey 08544
telephone: 609-258-5591; fax: 609-258-4105 or -5571;
email: milevski@firestone.princeton.edu

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