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Re: New and Old Technologies

                   Ohio University Electronic Communication

   Date:  12-Oct-1995 11:59am EST

     To:  Remote Addressee                     ( _mx%"book_arts-l@cornell.edu" )

   From:  Eric Alstrom                               Dept:  Library
          ALSTROM                                  Tel No:  (614) 593-0648

Subject:  Re: New and Old Technologies

One of my current interests and focus is making books entirely out of
man-made materials.  I am "setting" the type on my Mac, printing on
to mylar or tyvek and sewing with nylon "thread" (actually fishing line).
I have found that an acrylic wash on tyvek really creates a neat affect --
sort of like marbling for the 21st century.  The projects so far are
just pamphlets, but I am trying to think of some (inexpensive) man-made
substitute for boards and cloth.  Any ideas, suggestions, or other people
working along these lines?

Eric Alstrom
Collections Conservator / Part time book artist and teacher
-- Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

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