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Re: Paste Papers

Dear Alan, young son, and other pasteplayers--

I'm glad you're having fun.  Paste papers have beenused for covers and
endsheets in Europe for several centuries and as Pam says in the next
message, you can also use them for boxes.  You said it made less mess
than "real" marbling.  I don't think of paste papers as a lesser or
substitute marbling, but as something else altogether.

I have used a microcrystalin wax, Renaissance Wax, which is available
from big book supply places, on both marbled and paste papers.  Sometimes
it darkens the paper, so try it on a scrap.

A couple years ago I had the chance to work in the library in Hammerfest
Norway (the northernmost city in the world, though not the northernmost
library).  The oldest book they had was a list of imports into Finnmark
from the 1600's.  There were a number of books from the 1800's that had
paste paper covers, though none that I can recall that had pastepaper
endsheets.  There were some neat block prints.

One book a saw there was an object lesson in why we do not leave bits of
paper in books.  It was a large book from the late 17000's.  Someone had
left a scrap of paper with a folded corner between two pages.  There was
an exact imprint of that slip of paper in yellowed acidic paper which
extended about six pages into the book on both sides.  It was almost like
a yellow photograph, folded corner and all.

Let me know what you make with your papers!


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