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Re: Virus on E-Mail

This sort of warning seems to go around fairly regularly, but the people
here at our computer center say it is not possible.

What usually happens is that the warning goes out and then, low and behold,
you get a message just like the warning has described.  Seems like a spam
to me, with a lot of concerned and innocent people inadvertently involved.

What's the scoop from other people?


At 11:35 10/17/95, Charles Mohr wrote:
>>If you receive E-mail wishing you "well or fine or similar" whitout any
>reasonable connection to our Book Arts List, don,t open and read, as the
>mail contains an virus which meanwhile destroyed a number of HDD here in
>sunny CA.

I'd be grateful if someone would explain to me how an email message can
spread a virus just by opening it.  My understanding of such things is
limited, and I really have no idea how that's possible.

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