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Re: Virus on E-Mail

I've been told by people in the know that it's impossible to spread a
virus by opening ones e-mail.  This warning is of a type that chronically
shows up on mailing lists -- a sort of "urban legend".

Lavinia Adler
Broome County Public Library

On Tue, 17 Oct 1995, Charles Mohr wrote:

> To whom it may concern!
> If you receive E-mail wishing you "well or fine or similar" whitout any
> reasonable connection to our Book Arts List, don,t open and read, as the
> mail contains an virus which meanwhile destroyed a number of HDD here in
> sunny CA.
> L.A. Book Arts, Inc. d.b.a. The Custom Bindery
> Fine and rare books, Bookbinding, Bookdesign, Bookrestoration, Design;
> Leather and Vellum Bindings, Gilded Edges, Marbled Papers, Classes.
> Phone/Fax 310-473-5874

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