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The last issues, Numbers 15 &16--two in one, of BOOKWAYS arrived at this
library earlier this week. I would advise everyone who cares about books to
see and read this issue. It is not "the same old BOOKWAYS" in format or
content--there are no intriguing news items, illustrations,  or reviews--and
it is beautifully letterpress printed, as usual, but in a sans serif type.
The combined issue is a series of provocative essays by some of the most
thoughtful and articulate people associated with making, teaching about,
designing, and -obviously-reading  about the state of the book and fine book-
making in this country as we approach the 21st century without a clear
vision of the future of the book.
I hope that the publisher won't mind my giving his address for non-subscribers
to write for a copy, if they are available.
        W.Thomas Taylor,Inc., 1906 Miriam Avenue, Austin, Texas 78722-1714.

Judy Harvey Sahak
Denison Library
Scripps College
Claremont, CA 91711

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