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Michael Joseph's report & GBW

I would like to thank Michael for his report on the book arts conference he
co-hosted last week. I would also like to encourage others to do the same.
For many of us this is the only way to find out about the many of the events
throughout the country and world. Please, if you went somewhere, a class,
workshop seminar... send a breif report about it.

On the Guild of Book Workers homepage at CoOL
(http://palimpsest.stanford.edu) or through me
(http://web.syr.edu/~pdverhey), I am now caught up with all NEWSLETTER and
am asking all Guild members on the list to take a look and either contribute
ideas for improving the page or or materials to mount. Let's make it the
best representation of the group we can.


Peter D. Verheyen                                 <wk> 315.443.9937
Conservation Librarian                           <fax> 315.443.9510
Syracuse University Library        <email> pdverhey@mailbox.syr.edu
Syracuse University             <www> http://web.syr.edu/~pdverhey/
Syracuse, NY 13244           <listmgr> Book_Arts-L@listserv.syr.edu

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