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Re: lecture given by Joanna Drucker, in Alfred NY at the School of Ceramics

>In response to Peter's message about updating the group on events, I have
>an announcement.  Friday, October 27th, there will be lecture given by
>Joanna Drucker, in Alfred NY at the School of Ceramics.  I highly recommend
>going. Joanna Drucker is an incredible speaker and well versed on the topic
> of book arts.  She has written the first book on the history of book arts
>called A CENTURY OF BOOK ARTS. There will be a question- and -answer
>session following the talk.  It will be held in Harder Hall, in Holmes
>auditorium and
>convene at 8pm. Have fun.

Maybe the first book on the history of book arts/artists' books this
century, but hardly the first book ever on the history of book arts -- or,
in what sense did you mean that, Heather? Anyway, it is a terriffic book, as
are various others by Johanna. I also hope people are able to get a glimpse
of her work as an artist in the field, and see a unique example of how the
criticism/theory flows from the artistic exploration and vice versa. Yes,
Johanna Drucker deserves our attention. A recent visual poetry exhibition in
Milwaukee, curated by Robert Harrison, issued a catalog which included a
preface by Johanna and an afterword by Karl Young, another important
artist/writer in the field. Both together present a broad path which
includes the European and American avant-garde, including, in Karl's case,
such central late 20th century art (& I think, either book art or very
germane to a discussion of book art) practices as grafitti, mail art, and
visual poetry.

charles alexander

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