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American Science and Surplus address

Since a couple of people have asked, I'll go ahead and post the American
Science and Surplus address and phone number.  They have alot of other
cool stuff besides litho stones (scalpels, bottles, dishes, tweezers, lab
glassware, motors, lenses, toys, office supplies, and on and on ...).
It's a fun place to spend an afternoon at.  There are three retail
stores; two in the Chicago area and one in Milwaukee.  They also issue a
catalog every month or two.  The mail order warehouse is in Skokie at:

               American Science and Surplus
               3605 Howard Street
               Skokie, IL  60076
               (708) 982-0870  voice
               (708) 934-0722  fax

I had seen the stones in the catalog (they called them "printing" stones)
but didn't think anything about them until I saw them on a trip to one of
the stores.  The one I bought is probably 9" x 12" on the top surface (one
end is broken off; the 12" was probably the short side of the original)
and the others there were about the same size or smaller.  They were
$25.  After I bought it, I looked and looked through the catalogs so I
could write down the item number since I didn't pay attention to it in
the store and I couldn't find them again.

Nancy Edstrom

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