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Vellum Scraper

Several weeks ago a chap contacted me because of the appellation in my
signature, "Vellum Scraper".  It seems he was a *real* vellum scraper
looking for people to discuss the art with.  Unfortunately, my signature is
only intended to be humorous and not entirely correct, so I wasn't able to
help him.  Also unfortunately, I deleted his email address.

If that person is reading this, or someone who knows him, please contact
me.  I'm very interested in the information he said he had on the art,
particularly the thesis describing practical experience.

Thank you for your indulgence in this noise on the list.

 Robert Goff, Head Scribe and Vellum Scraper, The Outlaw Press
 (505)266-3057 - outlaw@rt66.com - http://www.rt66.com/outlaw/

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