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Job for a Bookbinder out there?

                   Found on the Net.................
 A grieving widow has gone to court to honor her husband's last wish - that
his corpse be skinned, tanned like leather and used to bind his books of
  "People skin animals all the time and keep the hides," Donal Russell, 62,
wrote before he died of a heart attack on February 3.
  "Somehow there's a huge difference in our minds between the hide of a horse
and the hide of a person. There's some difference we feel, but the more you
think about it, the more it falls away."
  Every funeral home in Springfield, Ore., refused to carry out the wishes of
Russell's widow, Rachel Barton-Russell, citing a state law against corpse
abuse that bans doing anything to a body not recognized as generally accepted
in the community.
  Russell was born in the Pacific Northwest and spent part of his childhood
in China and the Philippines. He moved to the Eugene area in the 1970s.

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