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Re: Book Art History

In additional to Richard Minsky's suggestions to Judith Kerman regarding
the search of book arts materials, don't forget to hunt around in Medical
and Science schools.  Old journals and text books were sometimes overlays
and "pop-up" book structures.  Old printing firms sometimes have archives
with neat printing processes (sometimes books too).  Look under topics of
anatomy,  celestial maps, geography, and valentines!  Is there a Natural
History or Science Museum near by?

For introductions into mail art, conceptualism, power and balance of
words and images, try DADA, FLUXUS, SUPREMETIST (spelling on that may not
be correct), CONSTRUCTIVISTS.  Religious centers can be amazingly well
stocked with older binding structures and formats. (Bibles, Qu'ran's,
Book of Hours, etc.)

The Library of Congress has wonderful selections, but they aren't listed
under categories like "book arts" and "artist's books."  Sometimes the
hunt intensifies the joy of finding a treasure.  One must be attentive
and have perserverance.

For a listing of book arts collections, pick up a copy of the Artist's
Book Source Book, which came out in 1989?  I hope I have remembered the
title correctly---if not, I trust someone will correct me!  GOOD LUCK!

Stephanie Watkins

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