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Re: Final Bookways issue

How are we going to resolve this conflict: downloading one's own library
and having the real thing as a collector's item?
Gillian Boal

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, pat baldwin wrote:

> I have finally read the whole last Bookways issue and am enormously
> impressed. I think Barb Tetenbaum's suggestion about downloading one's own
> library (& binding it) is the most innovative idea in the future of books in
> the whole issue. It goes along with my perception of the future libraries
> holding just one bound copy of every book while all other copies will be
> available to everyone electronically.
>      This issue of Bookways will undoubtedly become a collectors issue, and
> I'm pleased to have mine. It made me rush to the bookshelf and re-read my
> Adrian Wilson and Clifford Burke!
>                         Pat Baldwin

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