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Re: Term for 'panel' binding

Re: the question of Scott K. and the spine binding.
1.  A book with a leather spine which extends about 1 to 1.5" onto the
boards is called "quarter leather"  and a book with the leather spine
and leather corners is called "half leather."
(This information culled from: "Binding and Repairing Books by Hand" by
David Muir, Arco, 1978.)

2. As for cloth books, whether the cloth is full or half (similar to
the look of a quarter leather book) I still think it is called
"cloth bound" or just "cloth."  Personally I prefer full cloth
bindings, but so many publishers these days are opting for the
less expensive and aesthetically dis-pleasing quarter cloth binding
which just looks cheap.

I hope this helps, and maybe I'm wrong about the terms for cloth bound
books, but at least I've tried.

Rommel John Miller
Novice Conservator and restorer of books

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