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Re: Term for 'panel' binding

On Oct 31, 1995 18:14:44, '"My days are swifter than a weaver's
shuttle..."' wrote:

[[[How did you get a name like trhat???]]] {{i.e.. how come your 'name'
line read like that??}}

>Re: the question of Scott K. and the spine binding.
>1.  A book with a leather spine which extends about 1 to 1.5" onto the
>boards is called "quarter leather"  and a book with the leather spine
>and leather corners is called "half

Maybe I misunderstood--- I thought the issue was about attaching the
leatrher to a hollow back (or tight back) with a leather flap extending
enough to either insert into a split board or adhere to a board that then
had another board (wrapped, lacquered, of otherwise finished or
unfinished), laminated to it.


Richard Minsky

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