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Re: Final Bookways issue

Charles Alexander wrote:

>One thing I've been thinking about a lot lately is how most fine press books
>function as monument, memento -- that they refer to "the idea of the well
>made book," which is generally an idea locked in some cumulative past, as
>much as they explore the possibility of the text at hand, or contemporary
>artistic possibilities. And in an attempt to honor a literary work (if
>that's what they choose to present) they sort of put it up on a pedestal,
>taking it, in some ways, far away from being a reading experience. And it's
>One exciting thing I see happening right now is that hypertext works are
>taking what can happen with imaginative typography, print explorations of
>visual space, layerings of papers (transparent, translucent, and otherwise),
>and attempting to make such things happen electronically. I also know at

Yes, but isn't the hypertext adaptation an even more intrusive meddling with
the text? It seems to me it reflects at _least_ as much fascination with the
medium, and offers more opportunity for the producer to impose his/her own
structure and associations on the text than does a typical fine press book.

Dwight Agner
Dwight Agner / The Press of the Nightowl              dagner@ mindspring.com
Athens, Georgia

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