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final Bookways

>From:  Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries
>Sorry; could someone refresh us as to how to get the last Bookways issue?
>Thanks.  --pg

If you're a Bookways subscriber, chances are it'll show up any day now.
Bulk mail is pretty unpredictable, but they went out a few weeks ago,
sometime in early October (never mind that the cover says "Summer 1995")
There have been a few people on this list who have expressed an interest in
buying this final issue, even though they are not subscribers. For those
persons I dutifully printed out their requests and passed them on to Tom
Taylor, the publisher (we share the same commercial space so it's very
convenient) who as far as I know put those into a folder and is filling
those orders. However, I have nothing to do with the administrative or
editorial aspects of the mag...I just print the thing. If you think you
placed an order for the final issue of Bookways over the internet you could
send a message to Tom Taylor at: <Bookways@aol.com> and remind him. I think
he logs on from time to time to check out the fly-fishing news group. Or
you can fax him at 512-478-5508, or leave a phone message at 512-478-7628
or write him at 1906 Miriam, Austin, Texas 78722. Or send me another e-mail
mressage and I'll pass it on again.

Bradley Hutchinson * Digital Letterpress * 1906 Miriam * Austin, Texas 78722
512-478-7632 * 512-478-5508 fax * http://www.zilker.net/~ltrpress/index.html

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