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can anyone help? please?

Greetings all! I'm Rommel John Miller and I'm new to this list and I am
very interested in persuing a graduate degree inlibrary science with
an emphasis on archival studies and conservatism.  My real love is
in repairing, rebinding, restoring books for use, and i am very
disappointed with the ways in which libraries generally just stitch
through the pages of a book rather than re-binding it.  and although
i can appreciate the expense of rebinding by hand I am nonetheless
dedicated to persuing it as a profession and an art.
my question: does any one know of good places to really learn the
craft and art of book binding by hand? I'm eager to learn.  I have
the catalogue from the North Benett Street School in Boston, as
well as Simmons College there as a place to earn an MLS, but i'd
much rather prefer to go to Univ.Wisc at Madison or Michigan Ann Arbor
or even UNC Chapel Hill, but I am a dreamer, and sometimes doubt my
ability to get into such prestigious places.
also I'm looking for a supplier, new or used of bookbinding equipment,
mostly laying press with plough, sewing frames, materials, etc.
I'm a service connected disabled veteran and my funds are limited
but the VA is paying for my schooling, even for the MLS.  I would
even by willing to apprentice myself if i found someone who would be
empathetic toward my disability (OCD/ADD) which affects my ability
sometimes to get things done in a timely and orderly fashion.
I hope some one will write back.  and i think i'll enjoy being a
part of this listserv.
Rommel John Miller
Ocean City, MD

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