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Re: Final Bookways issue

>Yes, but isn't the hypertext adaptation an even more intrusive meddling with
>the text? It seems to me it reflects at _least_ as much fascination with the
>medium, and offers more opportunity for the producer to impose his/her own
>structure and associations on the text than does a typical fine press book.

Depending on intention and action of bookmaker/printer/hypertexter, and
participation or agreement with writer, I think it can often be seen as
collaboration with the text as much as meddling with the text. What I would
want to point out is simply that the decisions to print on fine textured or
handmade paper, bind in leather, etc., may condition the reading experience
(or worse, cause one to collect and save and not read at all) at least as
much as the hypertext treatment. Plus, I think I find hypertext most
promising for works created with and for hypertext, rather than as some sort
of interpretation of pre-existing texts. I will be glad to admit, however,
that sometimes the dazzle of hypertext interactivity can command one's
attention away from a text or image, in the same way that a dazzling example
of fine printing can attract one's attention away from a text or image or
their relationship.


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