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Re: Politikal Korrektness rears its appearance-challenged head

Good grief, Jon!  That was quite an explosion!

Lavinia Adler

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Jon Pastor wrote:

> > > >Low tech is more durable, more survivable, more portable, cheaper to
> > > >produce and
> > > >easier to replace,
> >
> > > Welcome Luddite brother. But the above is untrue. You can stamp out a CD
> > > for a buck or less. Publishing on the web is as cheap as it gets. Maybe
> > > newsprint is as cheap as a CD, but not as durable.
> >
> > But it is elitist. Still today only 50% of people in the world have
> > access to the telephone.
> I think that you're right. As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly, a
> similar percentage of people in the world are illiterate, so *books* are
> elitist and we shouldn't use them either. And the same is probably true of
> indoor toilets, so we should all squat over holes in the ground. Least common
> denominator in all things, right on! Let's all run around naked and live in
> huts!
> > I prefer the low tech because it has more potential for
> > more people,
> Yes, putting out pots to catch rain water is much better than using solar
> distillation technology, and carrying messages to remote villages by camel is
> far preferable to forcing them to travel in those cramped little wires. And
> dying of diptheria or smallpox is much better than exposing yourself to
> *vaccines*! None of that high-tech stuff for me! No, sirree! None of them
> printing presses, and *certainly* no photopolymer plates! Those things could
> cause CANCER for God's sake!
> > apart from all the hazards connected to the workers in the
> > computer industry.
> I'd respond to that, but I can't seem to coordinate the extra fingers I've
> grown as a result of exposure to CRTs over the past fifteen years. And stop
> stepping on my tentacles!
> > I'm also worried about what virtual reality is doing
> > to reality.
> Which is...? I don't know about your reality -- which seems like it must be a
> pretty peculiar one -- but mine hasn't been affected much... aside from the
> flying monkeys that keep buzzing my keyboard. Get away from there, you!

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