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>Let's all run around naked

On Nov 01, 1995 10:02:27, 'Gillian Boal <gboal@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU>'

>But it is elitist. Still today only 50% of people in the world have
>access to the telephone.

Sure is! So were books when they first started. Even more so. Who could
read? Books were around for thousands of years before they became cheap
enough and literacy spread wide enough for even a small % of the population
to be in the educated elite. And I think the computer online stuff is
exciting kids a lot more than books these days, so considering what's been
happening to literacy I wouldn't be surprised if more kids learned to read
and write so they could get on the computer, and thus became  readers of

On Nov 01, 1995 13:26:43, 'Jon Pastor <pastor@VFL.PARAMAX.COM>' wrote:

>Let's all run around naked

A much better solution! <[:>)


Richard Minsky

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