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Re: Final Bookways issue

>But it is elitist. Still today only 50% of people in the world have
>access to the telephone. We know that there will be limited computer
>availability. I prefer the low tech because it has more potential for
>more people, apart from all the hazards connected to the workers in the
>computer industry. I'm also worried about what virtual reality is doing
>to reality.

This point probably bears a lot of analysis. For example, I remember reading
recently that only 8% of Americans ever go into a bookstore, and even less
buy books. My guess is that, of avid readers in America, the computer usage
is pretty high. Also now, as we are talking about various cultures around
the world, I hope access to phones and  books and computers is increased,
and that the hazards connected to workers in the computer industry are
addressed and solved. I don't know that I'd venture to say what has more
potential for more people. And as for virtual reality, my belief is that
it's always been here, but that we used to just call it the imagination.
What I don't like, however, and I think this happens with all facets of low
& high technology, is imagination being scripted for us, rather than being free.


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