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I am looking for advise on the following questions:

*  In my reading, I have been unable to find a formula for flexible hide
glue.  Experimentation has led me to a mixture made up of:

        1 tbs of hide glue (flakes)
        1 tbs of water
        1 to 2 tsp of glycerin

Does anyone have a better formula they would recommend?

*  Is "water reversible" PVA as good as flexible hide glue, and is it truly
water reversible?

*  What is the difference between wheat starch and flour, and rice starch
and rice flour?  Wheat and rice starch paste are very expensive.  Do they
produce a comparable increase in quality over plain flour paste?

*  The most comprehensive and descriptive book on bookbinding in my library
is "The Thames and Hudson Manual of Bookbinding."  Are there better ones?

Thank you for your time.

Calvin A. Burris

Calvin A. Burris

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