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Re: Final Bookways issue

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Dwight Agner wrote:

> Yes, but isn't the hypertext adaptation an even more intrusive meddling with
> the text? It seems to me it reflects at _least_ as much fascination with the
> medium, and offers more opportunity for the producer to impose his/her own
> structure and associations on the text than does a typical fine press book.

Well, yes I think there's a certain amount of fascination with the medium.
When I first did an interactive poem (1985!) I certainly was somewhat in
the situation of having a hammer and looking for nails to pound.  But
there's been a lot of progress in thinking about text since then, some of
it made possible by the new perspectives created by electronic text.
Properly-used, hypertext is text that works differently from
text-in-books.  It works in ways that are enhanced by the structures
available.  Hypertext is a new kind of text to some degree (although there
are some book-based analogues.) And that's as it should be.

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