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On         Wed, 1 Nov 1995 "Calvin A. Burris" <caburris@GD.COM> said:

> In my reading, I have been unable to find a formula for flexible hide
>Experimentation has led me to a mixture made up of:
>        1 tbs of hide glue (flakes)
>        1 tbs of water
>        1 to 2 tsp of glycerin
>Does anyone have a better formula they would recommend?

I've never obtained flexible hide glue in flakes. It comes in a "brick"
that's sort of rubbery and deep amber in color. Once I went to a glue
factory (no longer in business), and they showed me a 19th C. ledger with
all the recipes for glues the bookbinders used. Each binder had their own
page. They wouldn't reveal anybody's  recipes to anybody else. There were
different proportions of hide, hoof, and other glues, and additives. I was
stupid and didn't copy them.  I believe they used more hide in flexible
glue and more hoof in "laminating" glue-- like the British use "Scotch"

For years I had leaves of French fish glue, which were about 4" x 8",
translucent yellowish and brittle. Very strong (made from scales, I think).
Good for laminating boards.

>*  Is "water reversible" PVA as good as flexible hide glue, and is it
>water reversible?

We know hide glue is reversible after hundreds of years. Time will tell
about PVA.

>*  The most comprehensive and descriptive book on bookbinding in my
library is
>"The Thames and Hudson Manual of Bookbinding."  Are there better ones?

Arthur Johnson's book (T&H) is excellent, though I disagree with one detail
in it (the sewing pattern for double raised cords). But a binder's
reference shelf would be improved by adding Bernard Middleton's books, _A
History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique_ and _The Restoration of
Leather Bindings_. The classics--Zaehnsdorf and Cockerell-- have many
useful tips. Even simple books like Lewis'  _Basic Bookbinding_ are
valuable-- Lewis is still a great introduction for students (Dover). The
Library of Congress book on boxes and portfolios is outstanding. There are
so many useful texts. Maybe one day I'll have time to look at my shelf and
note a few titles.

But is there a librarian on this list who could post a booklist that's
already keyboarded? And maybe then we all could comment on them (like
Manley Bannister's ridiculous book that recommends Elmer's glue!).


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