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'Panel' binding, continued.

Thanks, Peter, for the info on the german 'broken spine' binding; it does
sound that it evolved into what we're talking about in the 19th and 20th
century. The 'Bradel' binding, however, is a term for something else-
basically a cloth-covered book where the boards are attached before covering
(see Roberts, Etherington's 'Bookbinding & the Conservation of Books').

It is to me very curious that this style of binding is used so hugely in
this country (at least) and has no current 'american' name. For the mere
reason that it's a basic human urge I propose that we name it, immediately!
Please send me your nominations (as self-proclaimed head-of-nominations) for
a term that you think might stick. 'Panel binding' and 'Broken Spine
binding' I'll put on the list to start with. If there appears to be
interest, I will then publish the nominations and call for a vote. If any
one votes, then I'll report the results.... hey, it's worth a try! Email me
at 6385936@mcimail.com.


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