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Re: Final Bookways issue

I can't help getting in-and going librarian on the list-we discuss
digital vs book libraries on a regular basis in library school-especially
in terms of preservation-and I'm glad to hear people willing to believe
in both-but please understand peoples' fears-in library's we are seeing
budgets slashed annually-and now "THEY" (the administrations) want us  to
spend this small book budget on digital material (which is WAY more
expensive) and the small amount of  money that used be put aside for
preservation/conservation/book repair is being considered for digital
preservation instead...this scares those of us who believe in the need
to keep some books around.(I'll refrain from going into the
preservation problems of computers..but please consider issues
such as upgrading, reformatting {and who will do it in libraries?}etc..in
I've enjoyed the "intellectual" discussion of opinions but had to throw
in a reality issue...

Meg Bolger-Brown
Conservation student
Preservation Conservation Studies
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Texas

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