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Re: Photocopies in conservation and preservation

I'm not so sure about photo copies that will go the distance of 200
years.  The suggestion of inkjet printing caught my attention though as I
have just begun printing some books on a new Epson Stylus Color II
printer which makes beautiful prints on darn near any paper.  It prints
at 720 ppi and is supposed to last the same as a dye-sublimation print on
photo paper, about 75 years.  Keeping the copies away from direct
sunlight, of course, will help.  Epson's inks contain alcohol which helps
in their stability.  I've even put Rives heavyweight (not BFK) through
this printer.  It suits my needs now and might be a way of making copies
of rare books that look very close to the real thing.
 Mary Bookwalter
on sabbatical, yes!

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