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Serious hypertext literature

Hi, Grendel -

You should definitely get in touch with Eastgate Systems, get their
catalog, and buy some of their hypertext fiction - much of it available
for both Mac and PC.  They have a very functional authoring system,
Storyspace, which is the environment in which many of the works they
publish were developed (you might like it - what environment are you
using now?)  Eastgate Quarterly is a good inexpensive way to get a look
at interesting new things, but they also publish freestanding works.

Eastgate has a web page at http://www.eastgate.com/
Email should go to  info@eastgate.com

Phone is 1-800-(800) 562-1638 (from the USA or Canada) or +1 (617)
924-9044 from overseas. FAX number is +1 (617) 924-9051.

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On Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Grendel wrote:

> Hello, I am in the process of writing a book-length creative work in
> hypertext form. I have been largely unsuccessful in finding suitable
> examples of hypertexts (electronic form please) to use as references or
> source material. It seems like the readers of this list are quite
> familiar with not only the principles of hypertext (which everyone seems
> to have an opinion on) but actual hypertexts, which I had come to think
> were very rare. (Please note that I am not interested in things like the
> Talmud, which may display principles of hypertext; I am interested in
> things which were written self-consciously as such, preferably by a
> single author.) Please point me toward some hypertexts.
> -Gregor Delisle

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