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Patterns/grains in leather

Hello to all.

While cleaning some leather books I noticed some grain patterns that
puzzled me.  I'm familiar with the basic grains: morocco, oasis,
calf etc.  But these stumped me and my curiosity has peaked.  I
thought some of you might be able to identify them if I gave a
decent description, especially the more experienced bookbinders.  So
here goes:

The first pattern (grain?), for lack of a better descriptive term looks like
little cobblestones.  And the "cobblestones" are slightly raised.  It is a
set of books from 1788 (printed by John James, American I assume).  The pattern
is the same on all the books, so it was intentional.

The second looks like someone has spilled an acid or other caustic substance on
the leather (calf) and allowed it to run down the cover.  The leather is not
damaged, it just has the effect of watercolor applied to wet paper.  If I let
my imagination go wild, it looks like some of Van Gogh's cypress trees: kind
of out of focus and blurred.

Do these patterns/grains have names?  I am
 hoping some one may know.  Thanks
for your time.

Curious in Salem (NC)

Terrence Collins
Salem College

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