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1542 Cicero

Dear Colleagues: I have a Cicero Officiorum and De Senectute (ed. Marso et
al) printed in Venice, Roffinellum, March 1542, with 7 woodcuts clearly from
an earlier edition or taken from another work. Sander p.352 mentions the book
without comment - no other reference has been located in BMC, RLIN, Essling,
Mortimer, Dyson Perrins, Brunet, Dibdin, Lowndes etc.

However, I do not have access to NUC except in microfiche - I could not
locate it in NUC but may well have missed it. Also, I don't have Adams. Can
anyone help locate copies of this edition and provide information on where
the woodcuts came from? Many thanks in advance.

John Windle

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