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Re: Patterns/grains in leather

Curious in Salem writes:
>The second looks like someone has spilled an acid or other caustic substance on
>the leather (calf) and allowed it to run down the cover.  The leather is not
>damaged, it just has the effect of watercolor applied to wet paper.  If I let
>my imagination go wild, it looks like some of Van Gogh's cypress trees: kind
>of out of focus and blurred.
>Do these patterns/grains have names?  I am
> hoping some one may know.  Thanks
>for your time.

Dear Curious,
        I don't know what your cobblestones are called, but your other
pattern is called tree calf.  As you suspected, acid was used to form the
design that looks like a free-form tree.  Usually this was done on light
colored calf, hence the name.  They can be quite attractive.

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